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Joining the dots around mental health

Joining the dots around mental health

Joining the dots around mental health

Recently we had a referral from the Early Intervention Service for a client with severe mental health problem, who is due to be sectioned to Mental Health again. To many the issue would be a straightforward one, but because of the client’s mental health issues it became more complex.


The client had a court fine for travelling on London train without a valid ticket in early part of the year 2017. Since the incident, the client was sectioned under the Mental Health Act twice and he was detained in the hospital. The court sent the correspondence to client’s address but he was unable to deal with these due to him be away from home. The account was passed to the court bailiff who gained entry to client’s property.


In year 2018, a year after the incident, the Money Advice Caseworker successfully had the account returned from the bailiff to the court and with evidence provided by the client and his support worker the Money Advice Caseworker convinced the Judge to consider client’s circumstances since the time of the incident and write off the court fine.

It takes patience and understanding and working well with our partners to join the dots and make sure the outcome is a good one.


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